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How to manage your login details

Your login details are individual and can grant you access to multiple Appointedd accounts. Create and edit your email login and password.

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As a user of an Appointedd account, you have your own login details. 

🖌️ How to change your login details

When logged in to Appointedd, you can change your login details by hovering over the profile icon on the top right and clicking Edit login details. Enter your email address, your old password, your new password and click save changes

Your password must be 8 characters or more. 

⚙️ How a user account is created

A user account is created when an organisation is created or when a user is invited to an existing organisation. If an invite is sent to an email address which is already registered to a user of an existing organisation, the user is invited to log in with their existing details to join that organisation. If an invite is sent to an email address which is not registered to a user account, they are invited to create a user account.

🗂️ How to switch between accounts

You can be given access to multiple Appointedd accounts with the same login details by being added as a user to that account. This allows you to manage multiple locations or multiple businesses all in the one place, with the same login details.

When you're logged in to, you can switch between organisation accounts in seconds. To switch accounts:

  • Hover over your profile icon in the top right

  • Click switch accounts

  • Select the account to which you'd like to switch 

To see more about how an organisation manages the users who have access to their account, check out this guide.

⚒️ How to change the Main Account Admin?

This can be done by going to Edit Account and changing the email and password to new user they want to make the main account admin.

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