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How to take bookings on your Squarespace website

Take bookings on your Squarespace page by embedding your booking widget in a code module.

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If you're on a Business, Commerce Basic, or Commerce Advanced plan on Squarespace, you can embed your Appointedd booking widget onto your site in a few simple steps. 

First, you need to create the booking widget in Appointedd. Find a full guide to this here. These instructions will explain all the ins and outs of creating, customizing and getting the HTML code for your booking widget.

When you have copied your booking widget's code, you can embed it into a Squarespace page:

  • Go to your Squarespace page editor;

  • Add a module in the place you'd like to take bookings;

  • Select code;

  • Paste the code from your Appointedd booking widget:

  • Save

The booking widget will now appear on your Squarespace. 

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