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GDPR applies to all EU citizens. Ensure that you can manage your customers' data effectively with the guides below

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Appointedd is committed to supporting you in your management of GDPR. In this guide, you'll find details on the functionality you can make use of to remain compliant. 

Customer details

A large part of GDPR is managing your customers' data. In Appointedd, you can easily modify and delete customers where you need to. See this guide for more information.  


How have marketing regulations changed?

GDPR requirements dictate that from 25th May 2018, marketing must only be sent to customers who have actively opted in to receive marketing. So from the 24th, customers who haven't actively opted in via Appointedd were be unsubscribed from the marketing you send via Appointedd.

What can I do to continue marketing to my customers?

You can only market to your customers who have actively opted in to receiving your marketing. Customers can opt in when making a booking or by contacting you (see this guide for full details on how customers can opt in) .

What counts as marketing?

In Appointedd, only communications which you set up in the marketing suite count as marketing. The emails and SMS set up in your settings are all transactional (related to a booking) so don't count as marketing and will be sent regardless of the customer's marketing preferences.
You'll find full details on how Appointedd is compliant with GDPR on our website

For more information on the marketing suite, please refer to this guide.

As of 24th May 2018, all customers who hadn't actively opted in to receive marketing in Appointedd were opted out. 

Privacy policy

You can display a link to your privacy policy on your online booking tools so that your customer can review it when they make a booking with you. You'll find a guide to this here

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