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How to use our public API version 1
How to use our public API version 1

Learn about the Appointedd public API and how you can use it to link with your own systems.

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Please note: We've released our API version 2, which we will continue to develop further. Click here to learn more.

๐Ÿง What is an API?ย 

An API allows developers to pull information from applications and to push information into said applications from other tools and systems, without having to do it manually.ย 

For example, you could automatically create a customer in Appointedd when one is created in your own CRM.ย 

Or you could update your staff's working hours in your HR system when they're updated in Appointedd.ย 

โš™๏ธ How can I use Appointedd's API?

Building into an API is technical work so will require a developer. Our API is organised around JSON, with requests and responses both accepting and producing application/json data types.

Currently Appointedd's API covers:

  • Querying for resource availability.

  • Creating reservations and turning them into bookings.

  • Managing customers in your CRM.

  • Managing bookings and customers on bookings.

  • Managing resources and fetching the resource groups in your organisation.

  • Fetching the services and service categories in your organisation.

We provide full documentation on what can be done with our public API at

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it ๐Ÿ‘‚

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