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How to manage your business across timezones
How to manage your business across timezones

Our timezone technology allows you to manage your customers and resources around the globe, wherever they are.

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Appointedd's first-of-its-kind timezone technology supports businesses in every timezone to take bookings from all of their customers, no matter where they are, and ensures that all parties have the details of the booking in their own timezone.
If your business functions in only one timezone, check out this support guide: 

🧐 How your resources offer availability in their timezone

Your resources can set their working hours to repeat every week (Monday - Sunday) or configure different days accordingly. This can be set on a per resource basis.

For example, if you work in Madrid Mondays and Tuesdays, but come back to London Wednesday - Friday, then you can set your working hours to match these timezones.

The set timezones and working hours will then adjust to the timezone you are viewing it in:

👀 How your customer views your availability in their timezone

When your customer arrives on your booking tool, it can detect their timezone (check that you have auto detect selected in Booking tools > Customize your booking flow).  So when the customer arrives at the availability step, the dates and times are offered in their timezone.

The dates and times offered always reflect the real-time availability of your resource(s) so your customer is offered your availability in their timezone. 

📡 How bookings are communicated to the customer

Appointedd removes any timezone mistakes by send sending emails about a booking to the business, the customer, and the resource in their own respective timezones. 

For example, if the business is based in BST, the customer in EST and the resource in PST. A booking made by the customer at 12pm EST sends a confirmation to all parties. The time of the booking in the emails is as below:

  • Business - 5pm BST

  • Customer - 12pm EST

  • Resource - 9am PST.  

No more timezone math! 🎉

⭐️ Case study

At The Swedish Teacher, Sara Hörberg and her team of remote teachers provide language tutoring over video conference to students across the world. You can see more details about how Sara uses Appointedd in this case study

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