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How to authenticate your domain
How to authenticate your domain

Authenticating your domain gives Appointedd permission to send emails from your own domain, ensuring that emails are successfully delivered.

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In order for emails to be delivered via Appointedd to your customers, you will need to authenticate your domain. By default your “send from” address will be, so if you aren’t using an email with a custom domain (eg. a Gmail or Outlook email address), you can use this address.

Note! Any replies that a customer makes to this noreply address will be bounced as there is no inbox associated with this address.

🧐 Overview

To authenticate your custom domain you, or your company, will need to own the domain and have access to its Domain Name System (DNS) settings. You might have an IT person or department to do this for you, but if not the process shouldn’t be too tricky. Once you have access to your DNS settings, all you need to do is copy and paste the automatically generated CNAME values from Appointedd into the DNS settings for the send-from emails:

❗️ Note: If you are already using SendGrid within your business to send emails via another 3rd party system, custom CNAMEs will need to be generated for you by our team. If this is the case for your business just drop us a request at or use the chat icon in the bottom right of this page.

⚙️ How to set it up

Here’s a step by step guide to help you with the getting everything in place:

  • Log in to Appointedd at

  • Under the Setup tab, click Edit business profile

  • Under the communication details title, you'll find the option to set your send-from email address

  • Type in the email address from which you want Appointedd to send your emails from

You'll be given three customised DNS records.

  • Add a new CNAME record to your DNS with the corresponding host and value text show on the page

  • Paste them into your email domain settings

  • Return to Appointedd and click authenticate.

As long as the DNS records you entered into your domain settings match the ones you were given in Appointedd, your domain is now authenticated!

🔎 Not sure how to find your domain settings?

There are lots of DNS Registrars out there. You'll need to own your domain to know which one you've used. Here are links to some of the most typical ones:

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