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How to review the activity in your account
How to review the activity in your account
To understand what's happening with your account, bookings, and customers, view the activity log in full or for a booking or customer.
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The activity log in Appointedd shows you everything that's happened in your account from bookings being made and amended to users logging in and settings being changed.

To view your full activity log, click the icon at the top right corner and click View activity log.

You can filter to see only the activities you're interested in and to jump straight to the date which you wish to see:

Additionally, you can choose to see only the activity of a certain user, resource or customer. And to see only activity on bookings.

User activity allows you to filter to view only the activity of a certain user e.g. which actions that user took.

Resource activity allows you to see what changes have been made to a resource and you can filter to see the activity on any specific resource. For example, this will show you when working hours were changed.

Customer activity allows you to see all activity on your chosen customer for example, when a booking was made for them, when they cancelled a booking and when their email address was modified.

And booking activity allows you to see the activity on bookings for example when bookings were made in your web application (at or externally by a customer.

Additionally, the activity of a booking and a customer is displayed on a booking in your calendar and on a customer record. Just click on a booking or navigate to a customer record then click the activity tab to see the history of that booking/customer.

Note: the activity log is available for standard users and administrators. It is not accessible by restricted users.

The activity log started 10th July 2019 and before that date, setting changes, user permissions and empty bookings will not have been logged.

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