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How to log external email communications within Appointedd
How to log external email communications within Appointedd

This guide outlines how you can log all the emails you send to customers within the Appointedd system.

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If you contact your customers via email, out-with the automatic communications setup in Appointedd, you can follow these simple steps to ensure those emails are logged within the customer record in Appointedd. This allows all your information to be kept together and avoid information silos by creating transparency across the whole team. 

In order for this information to be sent over to Appointedd automatically, you are provided with a unique email address which you should BCC when you send an email to a customer. 

🔎 How to find your unique email address

  • Go to the Booking tools tab 

  • Select Manage CRM fields

🔖 How the email is logged in Appointedd

When you send an email to a customer and BCC your unique email address, the email you send is added to the communications tab of the customer record. 

If you don't yet have a customer with a matching name and email address in Appointedd, a new customer record will be created. The customer's name will be detected from their email address:

If you do have a customer with this email address in Appointedd, this will be recognised and added to their record.

Top tip: save your unique email address to your contacts in your email provider so you can easily add that contact to your new email.

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