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How to send customers directly to a booking widget
How to send customers directly to a booking widget

Learn how to find the unique URL of a booking widget which you can send to customers directly to book from.

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It can be useful to send or display a booking widget to customers with select services that you would like them to choose from. For example if you have specific services that you only want to make available to select customers, then you can ensure that this is the case by sending them the widget individually and not making it public on your online presence. 

How to find your widget URL

Please note: The widget must be embed mode to create a unique URL. 

Firstly you need to either create a new booking widget or edit an existing one. 

  • Ensure that the most recent version of the widget has been saved by clicking the Save widget button in the top righthand corner of the booking widget builder. 

  • Click the Get embed code button 

  • You will then be shown the following display

  • You are currently viewing the HTML snippet, so this should be changed to Widget URL by selecting the button

  • Simply copy and paste the link where ever you would like to put it, whether that be an email, text message or on your social media etc for your customers to book

Top tip: If you click the copy icon in the righthand corner of the URL box the link will be copied automatically. 

When a customer clicks on the link they will see the following and have the option to make a booking: 

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