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Pre-filling booking widget data in popover mode
Pre-filling booking widget data in popover mode

Some data within the booking widget can be pre-filled by passing the data through a config object on the window scope.

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Information that can be pre-filled:

  • Customer data

  • Booking notes

When the booking widget is initiated this config object is loaded in, so it must be present when the widget  is loaded on the page. 

Notes can also be disabled, this hides the note step from the user while retaining any pre-filled value.  This is useful if you wish to add customer notes programmatically without the customer being able to see or edit the notes.

Custom CRM fields can be pre-filled within the customFields object. The key is the “id” of the custom field which was set when the field was created i.e. “membership_number”.


window.appointeddConfig = {
    prefilledNotes: 'Pre fill your customer notes here',
    disableNotes: true,
    prefilCustomerData: {
        firstname: 'Greg',
        lastname: 'Dickson',
        email: '',
        mobile: '447777777777',
        customFields: {
            membership_number: '1967',
            company_name: 'Appointedd',

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