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The enterprise booking widget cannot be created at so is currently available only through account management. If you would like to use the enterprise widget, get in touch through the support messenger. 

The uses of the enterprise booking widget

The enterprise widget provides the smoothest experience for businesses which operate in multiple locations:  

Additionally, for businesses which run events: 

Customizing the enterprise widget

The enterprise widget allows for much more customization including changing the font, colors, wording, headers, and adding images to services on the service selection step (recommended image dimensions 625px wide, 450px high). 

How to place the enterprise widget on your site

There are three formats of your enterprise widget that we can send to you...

  1. Microsite URL (the slug is your account ID)

  2. Embed code:

<div id="apwidget"></div> <script src=""></script> <script>appointeddWidget.render('apwidget');</script>

Each customised widget has it's own unique widget ID.

We recommend embedding your widget into your website landing page for a more native look and feel, and overall better customer journey. However, should you prefer to redirect customers entirely to a separate page, either the raw or microsite URL would work.

For the microsite URL, we can attach banners to further customize the look and feel. The recommended banner image dimensions are 960 px width, 200 px height.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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