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How does Appointedd keep my data secure?
How does Appointedd keep my data secure?

This article details Appointedd's security and infrastructure to explain how we keep your data secure and available to you at all times.

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The Appointedd platform provides robust, secure functionality to support businesses, resources, and bookings simultaneously and at scale.

Our scalable infrastructure leverages world-class technology to deliver a flexible, extensible, and cost-effective scheduling solution to businesses of any size, model, or location.

Built on Amazon Web Services 🔐

The Appointedd platform Appointedd’s infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), in eu-west-1 (Ireland). Our infrastructure is based on High Availability and is load balanced across minimum 2 physically segregated data centres.

Systems within our infrastructure are designed to be distributed and make use of elastic scaling, allowing us to scale up our services to meet increasing traffic automatically.

Scalable infrastructure ⚖️

The Appointedd platform is extremely flexible and built with scale in mind. We make use of distributed systems and serverless technology to make sure our systems work efficiently at scale.

Our elastic infrastructure allows us to scale quickly to handle high volumes of traffic. Load balancers react to changes in traffic and CPU usage and automatically deploy more servers to split incoming traffic between. This ensures there are always more than enough resources to meet demand and provide continuous availability.

Our flexibility allows us to be responsive to your needs, and make any necessary changes to client accounts quickly and without added costs.

Evergreen ethos 🌱

At Appointedd, we adopt an evergreen ethos with regards to our technology. We believe in continuous improvement, constantly iterating on our product for the benefit of our customers.

The system is not wrapped up and delivered as a standalone parcel to every business that buys it. It is universal, flexible, and full-featured, with the ability to adapt to the needs of any business.

With our evergreen technology, you will get the latest updates, features and functionality, as soon as they’re released at no additional cost.

Data security and compliance

Appointedd holds ISO 27001, we use automated, secure data backups, and our diligence has seen us record 100% uptime over the last 24 months.

While we already comply with the most stringent security requirements, we view the security of your data as an ongoing process - we’re always looking to improve.


Appointedd complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To help you manage your obligations to GDPR, we have updated our systems and processes to ensure that we are not only compliant ourselves, but are providing functions that aid our customers in their GDPR compliance. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Cyber Essentials Plus 🔑

Appointedd has worked through the requirements and implemented the processes necessary to gain our Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This demonstrates that our approach is security first, focusing on best practises in cyber security.

ISO 27001 💎

Appointedd is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which relates to how we manage our own business data, how we manage client data, and how we handle the data associated with our client’s customers. ISO 27001, internationally recognized security standard, is a mark of how seriously we take your data security.

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