How does the Appointedd and Zoom Webinar integration work?

Our native integration allows you to link webinars you set up in Zoom with bookings in Appointedd. These webinars will then display in your Appointedd booking tools and when a customer books onto the webinar they will receive the link to join in their confirmation email sent via Appointedd.

Watch how to use the Zoom Webinar/ Appointedd integration 👀

If you'd like to watch a quick video on how to set up a Zoom Webinar in Appointedd, you can do so below 👇 Afterward, we recommend going through the steps detailed in this article.

Step 1: Connect your Zoom account with Appointedd

  • Click on Integrations and click Zoom

  • Click the orange button Zoom Webinars integration on the right-hand side. If you are wanting to create a meeting instead, you can learn more about Zoom meetings here.

  • Click Sign in to connect to webinars and log into your account. If you don't have a Zoom Webinars account you can create one here.

  • You are now connected! 🥳

Step 2: Create the webinar in Zoom

  • Log into your Zoom account separately from Appointedd

  • Click on Webinars on the left-hand side and then click Schedule a Webinar.

  • Give your webinar a name and input the time, date and timezone.

  • Please make sure you then select that registration is Required.

  • Click Save.

Step 3: Create the webinar in Appointedd

  • Head back to your Appointedd account and click on Your business tab > Services > Add service.

  • Give your service a name, add a duration, and assign the service to a resource. You must make sure that the duration matches the duration of your webinar in Zoom.

  • Scroll down to Show advanced settings and input the occupancy of your webinar - how many people can attend?

  • Scroll down again further and click on Custom Schedule and choose SPECIFIC DATES. You must check the Unavailable box to close off all the dates and times.

  • Click Save and close and fully Save the service.

  • Click on Bookings to return to your main calendar screen and go to the date/time when you're hosting the webinar.

  • Click on your chosen date/time in your calendar to create the booking for your webinar. You must make sure the date/time is the same date/time of the webinar, and that the timezone matches the timezone you have set up in Zoom also.

  • When you're creating the booking, you'll notice that the date/time is showing as unavailable.

  • Turn off the toggle which says Limit availability according to service schedule to display the dates/times.

  • Select the date/time of your webinar.

  • Check that the orange toggle at the bottom left states Open. This will allow participants to book and join the webinar.

  • Hit Create booking without attaching customers to the booking.

Step 4: Sync the webinar in Zoom with the webinar in Appointedd

  • Head back to your Zoom account and copy the Webinar ID.

  • Click onto the booking you just created in Appointedd and select Link to webinar.

  • Paste the Webinar ID into the box and click Find webinar.

  • If the details match up with what you have created in Zoom, the box will show Webinar found successfully. Please note that if the ID is wrong, the webinar won't be found. If the date, time, and timezone don't match up the webinar can still be connected but you'll get a warning that these aren't consistent.

  • Click Confirm webinar.

  • You are now ready to take bookings 🤩

How will my customers join the webinar?

When a customer books into your webinar via your Appointedd booking tools, they'll receive a confirmation email with the link to join:

Please note: this confirmation will only send if you have them turned on. In your Appointedd account, hover over Communications tab > Email confirmations > the top two toggles should be on.

Zoom also has the capability to send registration confirmations. If you have confirmations turned on within Appointedd, we recommend turning off the Zoom registration confirmations: click on Email settings within the webinar settings > Click Edit next to Confirmation Email to Registrants > untick checkbox > Save.

How to disconnect the Zoom Webinar integration from Appointedd

There are two ways you can disconnect Zoom Webinars from Appointedd. You can either click on Integrations > Zoom > Zoom Webinars and click Disconnect within Appointedd:

You can also disconnect the integration from your Zoom account:

  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for Appointedd for Webinars

  • Click the Appointedd for Webinars app

  • Click Uninstall

⭐️ Please note: if you disconnect Zoom Webinars through your Zoom account, this will disconnect all of your Appointedd organisations not just one account.

The admin user who connects Zoom to Appointedd has to stay admin and part of the Zoom organisation after connecting Zoom & Appointedd. If this person is removed as a user from Zoom the integration will no longer work. If you wish to remove this admin user please disconnect the integration, remove the user from Zoom and then connect the integration again.

If you have any questions on this integration please don't hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 support team 😃

Want to use Microsoft Teams instead? Check out this guide.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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