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Business cancellation URL enabled


Inputs true or false depending on whether or not you have turned on the setting to include a cancellation link in standard communications.

What is the booking cancellation URL and what does it mean by enabled?

The booking cancellation URL is a link that you can include in your communications to customers that allows them to cancel their bookings.

When using our standard communications functionality, you can include the cancellation link in confirmations and modifications by going to booking tools-->online booking settings and switching on this toggle:

You also have the option to turn this on for reminders:

When using advanced communications you can use the booking cancellation URL to input this where ever you like in the content. Learn more on this here.

The booking cancellation URL enabled variable will output either true or false in communications depending on whether or not this toggle is turned on. This can be useful if you would like to set up the cancellation link based on whether or not you have this toggle turned on. For example, if you would like to change whether or not customers have the ability to cancel their bookings through their communications regularly, you can set up your email template so that it either includes or removes the cancellation link if the toggle is turned on or off. Meaning you don't have to continually update the code. You can do this by coding:

{{if booking_cancellation_url_enabled}}
<p>We look forward to seeing you on soon, however if you need to cancel your booking you can do so <a href="{{booking_cancellation_url}}">here</a>.</p>

Now, if you want to stop giving your customers the ability to cancel for a period of time, you don't need to edit your content template but instead simply turn off the toggle within the online booking settings and reminder settings.

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