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Allow customers to reschedule their booking ↩️
Allow customers to reschedule their booking ↩️

Learn how to allow your customers to reschedule their bookings for services or events.

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We understand that you might have certain reschedule and cancellation policies in place. Therefore, you will be able to decide whether you wish to include a reschedule link to the customer's email communications to allow your customers to reschedule specific services.

How to allow your customers to reschedule their booking

To allow your customers to reschedule from within their emails, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Setup tab and select manage services

  • Select edit on the service you are looking to adjust

  • Scroll down to rescheduling bookings

  • If the 'allow customers to reschedule' setting is on, then the system will generate a reschedule link to include it in the email communications.

  • You can also give an option to the customers to reschedule with a different resource, if 'the allow resource selection for rescheduling' is turned ON

  • Finally, set the required notice for rescheduling. If customers click on the reschedule link after the notice time is up, a popup message will come to say that it's too late.

  • Click Save

How will the reschedule link appear in the emails

If you are using standard email communications, the link will automatically be added to the confirmation, modification and reminder emails, just above the cancellation link:

If you are using the advanced HTML communications feature, then you will be able to fully customise your email and choose where and how you wish to show this rescheduling link. All you need to do is to insert the reschedule link variable {{booking_reschedule_url}} to your HTML email templates.

How customers are able to reschedule their booking

If you allow customers to adjust their bookings for your services, the reschedule flow will look something like this:

  • Customer receives confirmation or modification email that includes the link to reschedule the booking

  • Once the link has been clicked, the customer is redirected to the reschedule widget

  • Here, they are able to change the time, date and/or resource on the booking, according to how you had set this up for the particular service

  • Once all adjustments have been made, the customer is presented with the new details to confirm

  • When the customer has confirmed the new details, the flow moves on to the confirmation screen. Also, an automatic cancelation email for the original date and time and a confirmation for the new time is sent to the customer. The content for both confirmation and cancellation emails or SMS can be edited by going communications and either clicking on email confirmations or SMS confirmations depending on what you want to edit.

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