How to allow your customers to reschedule their booking

We understand that you might have certain reschedule and cancellation policies in place. Therefore, you will be able to decide on a per service basis whether you'd like to allow your customers to reschedule and if so, what they can adjust on their bookings.


  • Go to the Setup tab and select manage services

  • Select edit on the service you are looking to adjust

  • Scroll down to rescheduling bookings

  • This setting is ON by default. When the toggle is ON, you have got the option to turn both time & date, and resource adjustments ON or OFF, as well as to set a required notice for rescheduling

  • If you decide to turn the toggle OFF, customers will not be allowed to reschedule the time & date, or the resource on bookings made for this service

Notifying the customer of their rescheduled booking

When a customer reschedules a booking, they will receive a cancellation notification for the original date and time, and a confirmation email for their new date and time. The content for both of these notifications can be edited by going communications and either clicking on email confirmations or SMS confirmations depending on what you want to edit.

How customers are able to reschedule their booking

If you allow customers to adjust their bookings for your services, the reschedule flow will look something like this:

  • Customer receives confirmation or modification email that includes the link to reschedule the booking

  • Once the link has been clicked, the customer is redirected to the reschedule widget

  • Here, they are able to change the time, date and/or resource on the booking, according to how you had set this up for the particular service

  • Once all adjustments have been made, the customer is presented with the new details to confirm

  • When the customer has confirmed the new details, the flow moves on to the confirmation screen. Also, an automatic cancelation email for the original date and time and a confirmation for the new time is sent to the customer

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