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Resource scheduling: Set and manage your resource availability
Resource scheduling: Set and manage your resource availability

Learn how to create and manage your resource's working hours to set their available bookable times

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🌎 Overview of the resource availability settings

Check out the video and the support article below to learn how to manage your resource availability to offer bookings at the desired times.

βš™οΈ How to set a new schedule

To create a new schedule, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Manage resources > Working hours;

  2. Click the βž• button to add new schedule;

  3. Choose to set an available βœ”οΈ and unavailable ❌ schedule - learn more;

  4. Select the rule for days and/or dates the schedule will apply to - learn more;

  5. Specify the times the schedule will apply to and which timezone the selected times are;

  6. Optional: add reason for schedule and review summary;

  7. Click save.

πŸ“† Available vs Unavailable times

Via the new service schedule interface, you can select available βœ”οΈ or unavailable ❌ for a certain period of time. The flow is the same for both scenarios and you're in full control how to open up or close the availability of your service.

Please note: If you add an available βœ”οΈ schedule on top of an unavailable ❌ schedule, the unavailable ❌ schedule will supersede.

If you delete the unavailable ❌ schedule, the available βœ”οΈ schedule will come into place.

🧐 What are the different rules to apply to the schedule

You can choose the dates the new schedule should apply to. You have got the below options:

1. Apply to specific date only

It will default to the same date you selected to add the schedule to.

2. Apply to date range

You can choose the specific start and end date you'd like this schedule to apply to. For example, a date range added like this:

Will apply a continuous schedule like this:

3. Apply to a specific weekday

This will default to the same day of the week you selected to add the schedule to

For example, every Friday the same schedule will repeat.

4. Apply to multiple days

This option allows you to customise the frequency, recurrence, days of the week, and even the end date of this schedule:

πŸ‘€ How to view the existing working hours

Once the resource's working hours have been added, you will be able to view it by going to the Setup tab -> Manage resources -> Working hours.

The available working hours are displayed in orange blocks while the unavailable working hours (blocks, breaks etc) are displayed in the grey blocks.

Via the ⬅️ arrows ➑️ next to the date in the top left corner you can view the previous or next week's schedule. You can also click on the date itself and select a specific date from the calendar to view the resource's availability on that specific day.

The timezone next to this will default to your timezone. If you wish, you can view the resource's schedule in a different timezone by selecting the appropriate city from the dropdown

βš™οΈ How to adjust existing schedule

To adjust an existing schedule, click on the schedule you're looking to amend. The below window will pop up which will allow you to update the schedule as needed. Make sure you hit save once updated.

Please note that if you are adjusting a recurring schedule, the new times will be applied accordingly.

❌ Cancelling existing schedule

If you're looking to cancel an existing schedule, hover over the appropriate schedule and click in the ❎ in the corner. If this is a recurring schedule, you'll have the option to delete only the one occurrence or all of them. Select as appropriate and hit confirm.

🏰 Preserving historic working hours

Changing the historic schedules on your resource working hours page would affect the utilization reports and general past schedule visibility. That's why we have added a checkbox which will allow you to decide whether you wish to preserve any historic data or apply changes across all relevant occurrences anyway.

This new preserve historic schedule occurrences checkbox will only appear for recurring schedules whenever multiple occurrences are about to be edited or deleted.

The checkbox is automatically ticked if the selected schedule is ongoing or in the future.

The checkbox is not automatically ticked if the selected schedule is in the past.

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