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Resource scheduling: How to set a new schedule
Resource scheduling: How to set a new schedule

Learn how to create a new available or unavailable schedule for your resource.

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Via the new working hours interface, you can set available ✔️ and unavailable ❌ times for a certain period at the same place. The flow is the same for both scenarios and you're in full control how to open up or close the availability of your resources.

Read more about what the different is between available ✔️ and unavailable ❌ schedules below 👇

⚙️Creating a new schedule

To create a new schedule, follow the below steps:

  1. go to Setup > Manage resources > Working hours

  2. click the button to add new schedule

  3. choose to set an available ✔️ and unavailable ❌ schedule

  4. select the days and/or dates the schedule will apply to

  5. specify the times the schedule will apply to

  6. optional: add reason for schedule and review summary

  7. click save

To set a new✨ schedule for one of your resources, there are a few different options you can choose from - you can go with the one that suits your business and/or resource the best.

To add a new schedule, simply find the date that you're looking to add availability to, and then click on the button which open up the scheduling window.

Here, select whether you're looking to set an available ✔️ or unavailable ❌ schedule.

You can choose the dates the new schedule should apply to. You have got the below options:

  1. Apply to only a specific date - this will default to the same date you selected to add the schedule to

  2. Apply to a date range - you can choose the specific start and end date you'd like this schedule to apply to

  3. Apply to a specific day every week - this will default to the same day of the week you selected to add the schedule to

  4. Apply to multiple days from the date that you selected at the beginning of the flow - this option allows you to customise the frequency, recurrence, days of the week, and even the end date of this schedule:

Next, you can select the specific time(s) you'd like the available ✔️ or unavailable ❌ schedule to apply to. You can add, delete or adjust the start and finish times within which the resource will be available ✔️ or unavailable ❌ here.

Alternatively, you can select all day in which case the schedule will apply from midnight to midnight.

Please note: adding multiple time ranges will create multiple schedules.

Finally, you have got the option to add a reason for this schedule, for instance 'lunch break', 'holiday', or 'shift A'.

At the bottom here, you'll also see a summary of what dates or days the schedule will apply to.

Once you hit save, the schedule(s) will populate the working hours of the resource and will open or close availability according to the parameters you set.

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