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Here at Appointedd we always aim to offer flexible tools to integrate and interact with our software. For developers and IT teams in particular, we offer webhooks and our public API to utilise when it comes to including Appointedd in large architectures, to build custom interfaces (eg. booking flows) and to pull information out of Appointedd amongst other things.


Webhooks are HTTP callbacks which can be used to automate pulling information from Appointedd. Appointedd's webhooks allows you to send data about an event when that event is triggered e.g. when a new booking is created, updated or deleted.

Learn more about Appointedd's webhooks by clicking on the button below πŸ‘€

Public API

Appointedd's public API allows developers to pull information from Appointedd and to push information into Appointedd from your other tools and applications on an automated basis. Our API is organised around JSON, with requests and responses both accepting and producing application/json data types.

Appointedd currently has two versions of API - version 1 and version 2.

Learn more about both API versions or go directly to our API documentation πŸ‘€

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