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You can now manage your availability and appointments made with you across multiple Appointedd accounts, via your external calendar. This will be helpful if you have multiple resources in multiple Appointedd accounts.

Key functionalities

  1. Appointedd will check all events, including bookings created with all your connected Appointedd resources to show your live availability in all booking flows.

    This means that if you have an existing booking in your external calendar made via one of the connected Appointedd accounts, this time & date will not be available for customers to book in any of your booking flows.

  2. Appointedd will also sync all bookings made with all your connected Appointedd resources onto your external calendar.

    This means that you're able to manage all your bookings from one central place: your external calendar.

Watch this quick video below to see what this looks like in action:

How to connect your external calendar to multiple Appointedd resources?

You can connect to specific resources, in multiple Appointedd accounts the same way you'd connect to a single resource. You just need to make sure you repeat the process for all relevant resources, across all accounts.

In order to sync your external calendar with multiple resources, across multiple Appointedd accounts:

  • you either need to have access to all relevant accounts;

  • or your Appointedd Admin will need to send you a calendar sync invitation from all accounts.

Click here to learn how to sync your external calendar with your Appointedd resource(s), and how to invite others to do the same.

Few things to note

  • The same settings will apply to multi-resource calendar sync as to single-resource calendar sync, on per account basis. Eg. you might have your external events anonymised in one account and not in another.

    Read more about these settings here.

  • You external calendar will be synced onto all connected Appointedd resource calendars for 200 days in advance.

  • If you need to make bookings available for multiple resources, within the same Appointedd account, we recommend using the multi-resource allocation feature of Appointedd. This allows you to ensure that a booking can only go ahead if all assigned resources are free.

    You can read more about how to set this up here.

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