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Frequently Asked Questions: Using Appointedd with Facebook and Instagram
Frequently Asked Questions: Using Appointedd with Facebook and Instagram
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of things that we'd recommend keeping in mind when using this integration. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team via the messenger icon in the bottom right corner.

Can I connect more than one Appointedd account to a Facebook Business account? Can I connect multiple Facebook Business accounts to a single Appointedd account?

At the moment, you can connect a single Facebook Business account to a single Appointedd account.

To ensure that the booking process is as easy as possible, one Facebook Business specific booking widget will be used for all 'Book now' call-to-actions (CTAs) across all your business pages (Facebook and Instagram).

Why can't I see a 'Book now' CTA on my Instagram account?

Your Instagram page needs to be connected to your Facebook page. You can read more on how to connect Meta owned social pages here.

In addition, your connected Instagram account has to be set to a Business account. You can do this within the Instagram app under settings - follow this guide to learn more.

Why can't I find all settings for Instagram in the Facebook Business Management Suite (FBMS)?

Facebook and Instagram are two separate apps, and the FBMS is constantly improved by Meta. As such, there might be certain things that you see in your FBMS for Instagram but not everything. Head over to Instagram's support if you have Instagram specific questions.

Can I add a 'Book now' CTA to my Facebook Messenger Business page?

This is not currently available via this integration but our team is hard at work to enable this.

I can't choose an Instagram page when I go through the connection flow of FBMS to Appointedd - why is that?

You can only choose an Instagram page during the authorisation flow if you initiate the connection from within your Appointedd account. However, you are able to manage this selection from within your FBMS later on as well, regardless of from where you made the initial connection. Learn more here.

I'm getting an error message from Facebook when I try to connect, what can I do?

Firstly, it's worth clearing your browser's cache to ensure nothing saved is interfering with the authentication flow. If the issue persists, we'd recommend getting in touch both the Appointedd support team (via the 24/7 messenger) and with the Facebook support team for a quick resolution.

Does Meta (including Facebook and Instagram) have access to my customers' data?

We don't allow Meta to access any of your customer data. All customer data is processed within your Appointedd widget that is embedded on the relevant social media page(s).

You do have the option to add tracking to your Facebook and Instagram specific booking tool, in the form of Facebook Pixels but this is not a requirement of the integration.

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