Appointedd is pleased to announce that you will now be able to create multiple accounts within Appointedd, removing the need to go through the sign up process more than once.

This feature will be perfect for users who wish to:

  • Have separate account for different locations

  • Have an account for special events

  • Have accounts to test different features without changing their current account

  • separating departments within a business

This new User Interface (UI) will come with two options you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Create a brand new account with default settings, new resources, and new services

  • Copy the current account the user is logged into to create a new account

Both routes will allow you to choose which users of the current account should have access to the new account too.

Brand new account

Just like when you first signed up to Appointedd you’ll be able to :

  • Set your Account Name

  • Add Resources

  • Add Services

  • Select users who will gain access to the new account

Copying an Account

Here is a full list of information that WILL be copied over to a new account when created with the copy feature.

  • Settings from the current account that are copied:

  • Standard email communication templates (Standard & Advanced)

  • Reminders & follow ups

  • Email headers & footers

  • Custom CRM Fields

  • Account opening times

  • Account email

  • Account address (Street/City/Postcode)

  • Account phone/mobile

  • Account website

  • Account description

  • Account microsite theme

  • Account photos (need to be copied in S3 object)

  • Account SMS (Unless connected to Twilio or Messagebird). (If source account is connected to Appointedd SMS, the new account should also be connected to Appointedd SMS).

  • Account Appointedd SMS approval status

  • Account communication from fields (Email, SMS)

  • Account banner image

  • Account industry

  • Account signup partner

  • Account enterprise flag

  • Account general settings (timezone, currency, etc.)

  • Account microsite settings

  • Account online booking settings (reservation expiry timeout, booking increments, booking questions, etc.)

  • Account communication settings (Attach ICS File, direct messages, etc.)

  • Resources on the account along with their resource schedules

  • Services on the account along with their service schedules

  • Service categories on the account

  • Resource groups on the account

  • Booking widgets on the account

Here is the list of information that will NOT be copied over when an account is created with the copy feature.

  • If the widget has facebook setting fields (e.g. is created for the facebook extension) it won't be copied over.

  • Integrations will not be copied over

  • Billing details will not be copied over

  • Assets will not be copied over

  • Web-hooks will not be copied over

  • Customers will not be copied over

Creating a new account

Step 1: To create a new account you first have to head to Booking tools > Create new account.

Step 2: You will now be redirected to the account creation page and given a choice if you wish to set up a new account or copy the current account.

Step 3 : Once you have selected set up a new account you will be shown this page, here you'll be able to: Name your account, Add new resources, Add new services and Assign user access to new account.

Once the account has been set up and created you will now be to go to your account hallway and select that account.

Copying a new account

For copying an account you can copy step 1 and step 2 from creating an account. Once you've done that you will then be redirected to copy current account screen.

On this screen you'll be able to name the new account, edit the booking page link and select the users who will access to this account.

Please Note : refer to list at the top of this to know what data will be copied over into the new account.

Learn how to manage accounts here

Still have question check our Frequently asked questions page

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