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Viewing resource capacity and utilization report
Viewing resource capacity and utilization report
The utilization report will help you understand how utilized your resources are based on their Appointedd working hours and booked time.
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The utilization and capacity report can be viewed across all resources and resource groups or filtered out to see the utilization only for specific resources or resource groups.

Resource utilization and capacity are calculated based on the overall resource working hours and booked time on Appointedd.❗️Nothing else that affects availability (external events, service schedules, assets, etc) is taken into account.

Service buffers are attached to the service duration and regarded as ‘booked time’ if they fall within the resources' working hours.

❗️Please note, the utilization report will only be visible to standard and admin users.

1. How to view the report? 👀

Accessing the report

There are two ways to access the utilization report:

  1. Go to the profile icon on your account and select Utilization report;

  2. Go to the Setup tab → Manage resources → click on the Utilization report on a selected resource.

You will be presented with a monthly calendar view of the resource utilization. You can switch between months and years by using the left and right arrows or clicking on the month/year.

Managing the view 🛠️

There are two formats that you can switch between: calendar view and table view.

Calendar view

In the calendar view, you will see the total booked time and resources’ utilization per day within a selected month. The utilization is expressed as percentage, which is also represented in a bar format.

The no availability blocks will show when there are no working hours added for that specific day.

In this calendar view you can also click on a specific day to see the breakdown per resource only on that day.

Table view

In the table view, you can see the total breakdown per month, per resource, which includes:

  • The resource name;

  • The overall capacity - total working hours on Appointedd;

  • Total booked time - bookings and buffers on Appointedd ;

  • Utilization percentage - calculated based on working hours and booked time;

  • Bookings - total number of bookings.

The summary view

In the right upper corner, you can see the summary of how many bookings have been made per selected month, as well as the overall utilization across all selected resources.

2. How to apply filters 📌

On the right hand side of the utilization report page you can see some additional filters that can be applied to help you see the most relevant information.

Here you can filter by specific resource(s) or resource group(s).

You can also tick the Subtract resource blocked time checkbox, which will take the Appointedd ad-hoc blocks on your resources’ calendars into the account, treating it as unavailable time.

3. How to download the report ⬇️

Click on the Export data button in the right upper corner to download a csv file. This csv file will include the full month’s worth of information, based on the currently selected filters, which will display the utilization information per day only for those resources that have bookings in their Appointedd calendars.

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