How Appointedd works with Hubspot

Connect Appointedd with your Hubspot account to pass relevant information from Appointedd to your Hubspot CRM

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HubSpot is a CRM platform that has the marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and content management features you need to build the best experience for your customers.

While Appointedd doesn't have a native integration with Hubspot, there are a number of ways to ensure that all the relevant customer information on Appointedd is passed to your Hubspot CRM.

Connect with webhooks

It is possible to pass the data from Appointedd to Hubspot using webhooks. To learn more about doing this, see our dedicated support article.

Connect via Zapier

If you would rather use our native integration with Zapier, you can easily connect your Appointedd account to your Hubspot via Zapier, which can be used to perform actions such as:

  • Create a lead

  • Create/update an opportunity

  • Create/update a contact

  • Update a custom object

  • Create an event and many more.

You'll find a full guide to using Appointedd with Zapier here.

Connect via Appointedd API

An API allows developers to pull information from applications and to push information into said applications from other tools and systems, without having to do it manually.

Building into an API is technical work so will require a developer. Our API is organised around JSON, with requests and responses both accepting and producing application/json data types.

You can find our full Appointedd API documentation here.

You can find Hubspot API documentation here.

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