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How Appointedd works with Shopify

Learn how to embed Appointedd widgets on your Shopify page

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Shopify is a global commerce platform, which allows entrepreneurs to build their business.

While Appointedd doesn't have a native integration with Shopify, you can easily embed your Appointedd booking tools on your Shopify page.

How to embed Appointedd booking tools on Shopify

  1. Th first step is to create your Appointedd booking tools in embed mode. Click here to learn more;

  2. Once you have your embed widget code, head to your Shopify webpage;

  3. In your Shopify Online store panel, select Pages;

  4. In the Page details content, select this button (< >) to make all the formatting options disappear and paste your embed code in the content section;

  5. Add the title and click Save.

You can always view how your page looks by clicking on "view page".

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