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How to create your Appointedd multi-account structure (multi-location, multi-company)
How to create your Appointedd multi-account structure (multi-location, multi-company)

Learn how to utilise multiple accounts to achieve any multi-location or multi-company business goals

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🧐 What is an Appointedd account?

An Appointedd account is a platform which business users have access to and where all the key settings and bookings are managed from (such as services, resources, profile information, user access, customer records, booking information, email templates etc).

Whenever you create an account or get an invitation to join an existing Appointedd account, you will receive an invitation asking you to create your password. Once this is done, your email address and your password will be used as credentials to log in.

Therefore, your user login will have access to a business Appointedd account.

🏰 How can I have access to multiple accounts at the same time?

In instances where a business has multiple locations or multiple business areas, they may have a different Appointedd account per location / area.

In order to access multiple Appointedd accounts with one login, your user will need to be invited to each account using the same email address. Once you accept these invitations, you will be able to see a list of all your accessible Appointedd accounts and switch between them.

From your account hallway, you can select which account you'd like to access and also switch between the accounts by going to the Profile icon β†’ Switch account.

⭐️ What are the benefits of creating multiple Appointedd accounts?

Having multiple Appointedd accounts allows a more flexible configuration and may strengthen business security, but this all depends on individual business preferences.

Some of the benefits of having multiple accounts include:

  • Business profile - each account will have it's own name and business details, meaning that for those business with multiple locations, you can add business profile information that's only relevant to that specific location or area.

  • More granular configuration of the settings - as each individual business account is separate, settings such as services, resources, availability, booking flow rules etc can be set up on a per account basis.

  • Emails and SMS - each account has its own communication and SMS templates, so the content is relevant to that business location.

  • Controlled user access - you can choose what users have access to which accounts, meaning that you have more control in only giving the visibility of business operations to the relevant users.

  • Reporting on different business operations - having multiple accounts means that you will be able to retrieve reporting on a per account basis, which gives you a clearer view of how various business locations / areas perform.

  • Cross-account functionality - our brand new booking tools support cross-account structure, meaning that now you can have one booking tool across different business locations / areas. When the customers land on your cross-account booking tool, the first step for them would be to select the location or business area, whether on a map or from a list (more information on this below).

  • Different payment gateways - having multiple accounts will also allow you to integrate with different payment provider accounts, too, in case each business location handles it differently.

🌍 Can my customers make bookings with different locations or business areas at once?

Business with multiple locations have a choice between:

  • using individual booking widgets per location - click here to learn more;

  • or using one booking tool with services across multiple accounts, where a customer would firstly choose the location from a map or list view before continuing with the booking flow (image below) - click here to learn more.

βš™οΈ How to create additional Appointedd accounts

There are a couple of ways to create new Appointedd accounts from within your existing account. Go to the Setup tab and select Create new account:

You can then decide whether if you wish:

  1. Set up a new account;

  2. Or copy the current account and its settings.

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