How to take online bookings from your Wordpress website using Appointedd

You can use Appointedd as your online booking system by adding a booking widget to any part of your self-hosted WordPress website.

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To begin, follow this guide on how to create a booking widget. These instructions will explain all the ins and outs of creating, customizing, and getting the HTML snippet for your booking widget.

When you have copied your booking widget code, you can embed it into a WordPress page:

Embed Mode

  1. Open the Wordpress page or post editor, and select the "text" tab in the content editor.

  2. Paste the booking widget HTML snippet into the text editor

  3. Publish your page.ย 

You can now start taking bookings from this page on your website.

Popover Mode

To use our popover mode, paste the embed code directly into the theme template on which you would like to display the booking widget. Wordpress have documentation on how to do customise theme templates. You may need to work with a web developer to make this change.

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