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How to manage customer records on Appointedd
How to manage customer records on Appointedd

View your customers details and add customers to Appointedd to have a record of their activity with your business.

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Customer information is automatically saved in your Appointedd CRM as customers book online with you, or if you add a booking with them to the calendar. You can view your list of customers by going to the Customer tab from the main calendar view.

❗️ Please note that only Administrators and Standard users have full access to the Customer tab. Restricted users can gain access to the CRM tab if this is allowed on their user permission page. Click here to learn more.

👀 How to view and edit customer details

Head to the Customer tab from the main calendar view. From here you can:

  • See how many bookings a customer has had with your Appointedd booking tools;

  • Edit their personal details;

  • Add a new booking with their customer details pre-filled;

By clicking View info you can also access their customer page where you can carry out the below actions:

  • Check customer activity;

  • Add customer notes (displayed only internally);

  • See any previous and future bookings;

  • See what communications have been sent to them;

  • Send direct messages;

  • Edit customer;

  • Delete customer.

👋 How to create a new customer record

To create a new customer record:

  •  Click on the Customers tab; 

  • Click Add customer;

  • Enter customer details and click Save

When a customer is created, they are opted out of marketing by default. If the customer wishes to receive marketing, you can opt them in by unchecking the unsubscribed checkbox. Learn more here.

To add multiple customers at once, you can import customers from a CSV file. Check out this guide.

👩‍💻 How to make a booking from customer record

You can create bookings directly from the customer record where the customer details will already be pre-filled in the customer details step.

Simply click on the +Add new booking from the customer record and follow your booking journey steps to complete the booking.

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