Appointedd's two-way sync ensures that changes you make to the date and time of bookings in your external calendar are reflected in your Appointedd calendar e.g. rescheduling and cancelling bookings.

You can also manage your time - by blocking off time in your external calendar, you will be blocked (so not available to book) in Appointedd. You can also add repeat events in your external calendar and these will block off your time in Appointedd for up to 200 days in advance.

Connect your calendar with Appointedd by going to the connect tab and clicking sync your external calendar.

To connect your own calendar

  • Click connect calendar

  • Click connect your calendar

  • Select the resource whose calendar you wish to sync

  • Click sync

  • Select your calendar service

  • Select the calendar you would like to link to that resource

  • Click allow to give Cronofy access to manage your calendars

  • Select the calendar which you'd like to sync to the resource (Office 365, Google, Outlook, iCloud or Exchange).

  • Click sync

  • Follow through the steps to sign in to your calendar account and authorise Appointedd:

To send an invite to a colleague to connect their calendar

  • Click connect calendar

  • Click send invitation

  • Select the resource whose calendar you wish to sync

You have the option to share link or to send invitation directly. By clicking share link, you are provided with the link which you can send to your colleague through your own methods of communication.

By clicking send invitation, you can input the email address to which the invitation should send, along with a personal message.

Please note that when you first sync your calendar, the sync can take a few minutes. Please wait a few minutes then refresh your calendar screen.

How to customise your external calendar settings

You can access your external calendar settings from the connect tab. From here, you can set how your calendars communicate:

  • Whether 'not busy' events in your external calendar should block off time in Appointedd

  • Whether you export buffers

  • Whether cancelled bookings in your external calendar are cancelled in Appointedd

  • Whether you wish to anonymize details of external events to Appointedd.
    This means that the name of the event is not displayed on Appointedd and is helpful if you do not wish other users of your account to see the names of events in your external calendar:

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