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How to view all communications with a customer
How to view all communications with a customer

Learn how to view all of the communications which have been sent to your customers from the system.

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With Appointedd, you can send your customers automated confirmations, reminders and follow-ups, direct messages, and automated marketing campaigns and notifications. All these messages can be sent to your customers via email and/or SMS.

Within each customer record, you can view the communications that have sent. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Head to your Customers tab

Your customer records are ordered alphabetically by surname. However, you can use the right-hand side panel to search for a particular customer.

  • Click View info on a customer record

  • You'll find a number of tabs: Activity, Customer Notes, Bookings and Communications. Click the Communications tab.

  • On the left you'll see the options SMS and EMAIL. Select either one to see the communications that have been sent via that particular channel.

  • At first glance, you will see the date the communication was sent and the subject line. Click onto the subject line to open up the communication message. This is exactly what the customer received.

  • Click the View Booking button on the right-hand side if you would like to view the booking that triggered this particular communication message.

All your communication messages are triggered from bookings. If you would like to resend a confirmation message, you will need to re-book the customer into your Appointedd calendar.

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