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How to manage who can access your Appointedd account
How to manage who can access your Appointedd account

Invite users to access your account with their own logins and limit the level of access they have.

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A user is any person who you wish to have access to your Appointedd account with their own login details. These will probably be each of your staff members who has their own bookable calendar through Appointedd. Don't worry if your staffing situation changes - you can simply delete the user to revoke their access to your account.

You invite a person to become a user of your account via an email invite from which they create their own password. You can also set the level of access which each user should have to your account by editing user permissions.

Please note: if your organisation uses SSO, admins can manage SSO user permissions under profile icon > Manage SSO. Learn more here.

Types of user permissions

There are three levels of user permissions which you can grant to a user of your Appointedd account:

  • An Administrator has full access to Appointedd, all features and can also manage user permissions. This is usually the owner of the organisation.

  • A Standard user has access to Appointedd and all features but cannot manage user permissions. This is usually the manager of the organisation.

  • A Restricted user has access to the resource's calendars which are assigned to them by an administrator.

Please see table below for full details on accessibility.

User permissions

Access to user permissions

Make and modify bookings

Access to the CRM

Access to the comms

Access to working hours

Sync external calendar








Standard users









✔️ (if given)


Unlike Administrators and Standard users who can add and view resources, restricted users will only see the option to manage working hours on the resource page:

Top tip ⭐️ if you want to give someone access to a resource's bookings but don't want them to log in to your Appointedd account, you can connect the resource's Appointedd calendar to an external calendar e.g. Google or Outlook. Check out this support guide for more details.

How to add a user to your account

You must be an administrator of the account to add a user.

  • Go to Setup and click User permissions

  • Click +Add user

  • Enter the First name and Last name of the user

  • Enter the Email address of the user

  • Select the level of permission that this user should have

  • If this user will be a Restricted user, you should select the resources' calendars which they should have access to. If you would like to allow the restricted user to manage the resources working hours, please tick this check box:

  • Click Send invite

An invite is sent to the email address provided and the invited user will follow the link to accept the invite. If the user already has a user account (this could be on a different Appointedd account), they will be prompted to log in to that account. If they don't yet have a user account, they will create their password.

This user now has their own login to your Appointedd account.

How to re-send an invitation

  • In the user management page, click on the pencil icon next to the user you have invited

  • Click Resend invitation 

How to delete a user

The same process should be followed to delete an existing user or to delete a user who has not yet accepted an invitation:

  • In the user management page, click on the pencil icon next to the user you wish to delete

  • Click Delete user or Delete invite 

  • Click Yes 

How to edit the permissions of a user

  • In the user management page, click on the pencil icon next to the user you wish to edit

  • Select the user permissions which you wish the user to have

  • Click Save changes.

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