Customer reviews are one of the most valuable ways to understand customer experience and to advertise your business online. 

Platforms such as Trustpilot, Google and Facebook allow you to manage and display your customer reviews online. We’ve provided a summary of how you might like to use these platforms below (please note this is not an endorsement of the products below; please assess them for suitability to your business).


Trustpilot describe themselves as the world’s most powerful review platform, they allow you to collect and import review. You can read more about Trustpilot here.  


Your clients or customers can leave reviews about your business on Google.  If you’d like to encourage reviews you can send customers directly to your review page by following the steps detailed here


If you use Facebook your clients or customers can leave reviews here.  You can read more about this here

How to encourage your customers to leave a review

Followup emails and SMS can be sent via Appointedd following a booking. How about setting a followup to encourage a customer to leave a review?

  • Hover over the Email & SMS tab and click Manage reminders and follow-ups 

  • Create a new reminder which sends after a booking. In the content, you can direct your customer to leave a review on your preferred platform. 

Top tip: this sends after every booking which the customer has with you.

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