This guide will take you through all the ways in which a booking can be canceled so you can narrow down how and when this happened. 

The customer could have canceled their booking

The customer can cancel their booking is two ways:

  1. From the link in the email confirmations sent on your behalf from Appointedd
  2. By logging in to their account at and canceling. 

When the customer cancels, your business is notified by email. You can track cancelations made with you that way. 

When a booking is canceled, it remains in the customer record (as a canceled booking). Just go to the customer record and click bookings to see all bookings including cancelled ones. 

How to prevent customers from canceling their bookings 

  1. You can prevent customers from canceling from emails by removing this link from the emails: go to the booking tools tab and online booking settings and scroll to cancelations. You can also control the required notice for cancelations from the online booking settings. 
  2. You cannot prevent customers from canceling bookings at However, by not requiring login, the customer won't create an account so this option isn't communicated to them. Check out this guide to requiring login. 

A user could have canceled the booking 

Bookings can be canceled by users who have access to the Appointedd back office. To prevent accidental deletion, two steps are required and an "are you sure" is asked before an internal cancelation can take place.

A booking can also be canceled through a synced external calendar. If you don't want bookings canceled in the external calendar to cancel in Appointedd, you can do this in your settings:

  • Go to the integrations tab
  • Click calendar sync 
  • Switch Cancel bookings in Appointedd when deleted in external calendar to OFF.
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