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How Appointedd works with Square POS
How Appointedd works with Square POS

Connect your Appointedd account with your Square point of sale to manage your bookings, online, and offline payments together.

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🌍 Overview

Square POS allows any business to manage their payments, digital receipts, open tickets, inventory, reports and more, all from one place.

The Appointedd integration with Square POS allows UK businesses to manage your POS and your bookings all in one place. The integration includes:

  • Two-way customer sync

  • Adding bookings to the till to take payment

  • Reflecting Square POS payments on a booking in Appointedd.

βš™οΈ How to connect your Appointedd and Square accounts

To connect your Appointedd account to Square, go to the Connect tab and click Connect to a payment gateway, then select connect with Square.

After doing this, you can select the level of payment which you require for each of your services. See more information under the "How to set the payment required for each service" section in this guide.

βš’οΈ How to enable the point of sale functionality

Once you have connected with Square, you'll be given the option to turn on the POS functionality. To do so, click Enable Square Point of Sale functionality:

When you're on your tablet or mobile device, you'll be able to create a transaction in the Square POS from any booking in Appointedd.

To do so, simply click on any booking in the calendar then click create Square POS transaction:

If you have multiple customers on the booking, simply click the customers tab on the booking (in the screenshot above) and then click the three dots next to the person whose transaction you'd like to add to the till and click Create Square POS transaction.

This will take you to your till app to take payment from the customer.

❗️Please note that Square POS is only available on tablet and mobile devices.

It's not currently possible to create a Square POS transaction from a booking on your desktop device.

If the customer has already made part payment for this booking (e.g. 25% deposit), only the outstanding amount will be added to the till.

When you have taken payment for the booking via the till, you'll return to Appointedd to see that the customer's booking has been marked as paid:

As of 2nd of January 2023, any new connections to Square will incur a 1% transaction fee for any online payments in GBP taken via Appointedd. These charges will be visible on the reports page on your Square POS dashboard as well as on individual transactions on your Square account.

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