What is an asset?

An asset is any limited thing, additional to the resource, that is required for a service to take affect. If you offer massages as a service, for example, the treatment room might be an asset.

Assets should be assigned to services in order to prevent them from being double booked. 

How to add an asset 

  • Hover over Your business tab and click Assets

  • Click Add asset 

  • Name the asset 

  • Set the Quantity (how many of those assets you have)

  • Tick the boxes next to any services that require this asset

  • Click Save

You can also assign assets to a service when creating/editing the service.

How to view and manage assets on bookings

From the daily, weekly and agenda views, you can click on a booking and click on the Assets tab to see the asset(s) which that booking is currently using:

Additionally, you can release an asset from a booking if the booking no longer requires it by simply clicking the trash icon next to the asset. 

On the agenda view, the asset(s) used on a service are displayed on the booking without needing to click on the booking: 

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