As well as being able to format your calendar into daily and weekly views, you can also view it as an agenda of your upcoming bookings.

Agenda view allows you to see more information at a glance than daily and weekly view, including the price, the payment status, and the assets used. To see all of the booking information simply click on the booking the same as you would in daily or weekly view.

To view bookings in agenda view: 

  • Simply click the tab on the top left of the calendar named Agenda

Viewing notes in agenda view:

On the agenda view, the notes icon indicates that a booking has notes on it.

You can click on that notes icon to open up the notes directly.

Note that booking with multiple participants will not support this as each participant may have different notes. To see the notes per participant, you would simply click on the booking and click the customers tab.

To set agenda view as the default:

  • Go to the Your business tab

  • Select Business settings

  • Set your default view as Agenda

How to filter the bookings in your agenda

You can filter information by selecting and unselecting the information fields to the right of the page. You can filter by:

If you want to learn more about how to view your calendar in daily and weekly view click here. Otherwise, you can learn more about the daily and weekly filters here.

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