How to issue a refund for a payment

Refund a customer for a payment they have made on a booking. Choose to send the whole/partial amount back to them.

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In order to process refunds, you must already be connected to one of our payment providers. Please learn more here.

Please note: Refunds are currently not supported via Adyen integration.

Refunds for payments taken via Stripe or Square integrations are not issued automatically when a customer cancels. We leave it in your hands to decide whether or not a refund should be granted.

πŸ’Έ How to process refunds.

Step 1

  • Head to the Customers tab and locate the customers profile using the filtering function;

  • Select View info;

  • Click on the Bookings tab to see all the customer's past and future bookings.

Step 2

Bookings that have been cancelled will be identified as so under the "State" column.

Select View booking next to the booking you want to refund.

Click on Paid and then select Refund payment.

Step 3

Upon clicking, you'll see how much the customer made payment for, the final digits of the card the payment was made with, and the total value of any refunds already made on this booking.

By default, the refund amount will state 100%. Should you wish to change this, you can do so by typing in a different percentage amount.

Alternatively, click the the double arrow icon and switch the format from percentage to value, and type the amount you wish to refund instead.

You have the option to enter the reason for the refund and this will go to your payment gateway account for your record.

Click the orange Refund button to issue the refund!

Please note: notification of this refund is not send to the customer via Appointedd. You can choose to setup notifications in the account of your chosen payment provider. Refund notifications will come from them.

πŸ‘€ Viewing your payment history, and refunding from here

Refunds can also be processed via your payment history. This is especially helpful if you cannot locate the customer record, due to deletion.

Head to Connect and select Connect to a payment gateway

Select View payment history to see a list of all payments ever made to your account. This is also recorded inside the account of your payment provider.

Click View next to each transaction to see more information. You can process refunds here as you would in Step 3 above.

Please note: we currently do not have a search functionality on this page to easily find a specific customer. Use control > F, or command > F on your keyboard to bring up a search function. Type in the customers name here and go to each page until you find them.

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