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Managing bookings in your calendar
Schedule and manage recurring bookings
Schedule and manage recurring bookings

Learn what recurring bookings are and how to schedule and manage them in your calendar.

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A recurring booking is one that occurs more than once at regular intervals e.g. every Wednesday at 2pm, or on the first Saturday of every month.

Only standard services can be made into a recurring booking and are shown in your Appointedd calendar alongside all your other bookings.

A recurring booking can be identified easily as circular arrow icon will be in the top left-hand corner of the booking.

How to create a recurring booking

  • Click Add booking or click the available time on your calendar

  • Select the Standard Service you wish to make recurring

  • Select a date and time

  • Click Make recurring

  • Make this booking recur by selecting how often the booking occurs

  • Set an end to the recurring booking by selecting the number of occurrences or the end date

  • Click Next

  • Add a customer to the booking (or leave the booking empty if you would like a customer to book the recurring slot online) and add any notes or answer any questions

  • Click Create booking.

Cancelling a recurring booking

When cancelling a recurring booking you will be offered an option whether or not you wish to delete that single booking or all the bookings that were scheduled in to be recurring.

Top tip

When making recurring bookings, bear in mind the customer will receive an email confirmation listing all the dates of future bookings, so it's a good idea to arrange them in smaller series, even if you know it will be continuing for the foreseeable future. This will stop your customer being overwhelmed with too many future bookings dates.

It will also make invoicing more organized and manageable, as each individual occurrence of a booking generates its own invoice.

Please note that if you have the setting to send an .ics file when a booking is created on, that only the first booking in the recurring set will show in the customer's external calendar.

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