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How to export your bookings from Appointedd
How to export your bookings from Appointedd
Export your bookings into a CSV spreadsheet format to print or manipulate for your own reporting.
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From the agenda view, you can download a CSV export of all of your bookings. This can be used for your own records, to distribute around anyone without access to Appointedd, to analyse your bookings (however you can see more detailed data on your bookings with Appointedd reports).

You can set the start and end dates of the bookings you wish to export and even choose which specific bookings you require by applying the filters.

How to export your bookings:

  • Go to the bookings screen

  • Click Agenda on the top left of the calendar

  • Apply any filters to your bookings

  • Click Export

  • Select the dates (inclusive) of the bookings which you wish to export

  • Click Export bookings.

Your bookings export includes:

  • The resource for the booking

  • The service of the booking

  • The date, time, price and notes of the booking

  • The customer name, mobile number, email address and timezone

  • The booking status i.e. whether confirmed or pending

  • The payment status

  • The booking source

  • The booking widget (if applicable).

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