How to manage a customer on a booking

Learn how to manage a customer when they make a booking with you through Appointedd.

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When a booking has been made in Appointedd, you can view and edit the customer details heading to your Calendar tab, finding the date of the booking and clicking on it. 

On the details tab of the booking, you can see the price, date, time and customer. If this booking only has one customer, you can perform actions such as marking a customer status, viewing and editing notes and sending a payment request to the customer. 

If there are multiple customers however you are best to go to the customers tab of the booking where you can view and make changes to them all at once. 

If the booking contains 30+ customers, they will be displayed in pages of 5 which you can flip between using the arrows at the bottom:

If you click on the three dots to the right of the customer details, you are shown a drop down list of actions you can take to manage the customer you have clicked on.

If you wish to add a customer to a booking that has additional spaces you can do so by clicking the add customer button within the customers tab.

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