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How to create and manage group bookings

Allow multiple participants to book onto the same booking either individually or as a group.

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A group booking is one that allows multiple participants to attend. This is a great feature for events, tours, group meetings etc. 

⚒️ Create a service with multiple occupancy

To allow multiple people to join a booking, you must create a service with multiple occupancy:

  • Hover over the Setup tab and click Manage services;

  • Click Add service;

  • Complete the standard details e.g. name and price;

  • Head to the Type of service section;

  • Set the maximum Occupancy (this is the maximum number of people that can attend at one point in time and can be anything up to 500);

  • Toggle on Allow others to join group booking (the time slot will remain available to be booked until all the spaces have been filled) or toggle off (a normal booking that simply has an occupancy of more than one, but booked by one person who inputs the number of people that are joining them);

  • If you selected allow others to join group booking then you will be asked to set the Online booking limit per customer. This is the maximum number of spaces which a customer should be able to book in on one transaction. 

For example, if you are planning a private event, where only one group can attend, we would suggest setting your maximum occupancy to the number of maximum places available, keeping the 'Allow others to join group booking' OFF and increasing the online booking limit per customer to be the same as the maximum occupancy.

Alternatively, if you are planning a public event, where multiple strangers can book, we would suggest setting the maximum occupancy to the number of maximum places available, keeping the 'Allow others to join group booking' ON and increasing the online booking limit per customer to the maximum number of spots that one customer will be allowed to book at once.

⚙️ Managing a group booking 

Once a group booking is created you can see clearly on your calendar screen how many people are on the booking. Simply click on the booking to get further information. 

Click on the Customers tab to get a full list of all of the customers on the booking, see how many spaces they are occupying and edit or remove customers. Customers can occupy multiple spaces on the booking if they would like to bring friends or colleagues.

🙋‍♀️ How to add participants to a group booking

You can easily add more participants to a group booking which is already in your calendar.

Click on the booking in your Calendar tab and click on the Customers tab. Here you can view and edit any customer on the booking.

If there are spaces free, click Add customer to add more customers to the booking:

  • Select an existing customer or create a new customer;

  • Click confirm.

The customer has been added as a participant of the booking. You can now edit the number of spaces they'll be taking, update their pricing or status, send a payment request, or add any notes to that customer.

⚙️ How to change the occupancy of a booking

You can change the maximum occupancy of a booking to allow more people to be added to that booking without affecting the service occupancy.

In your calendar, find the booking you would like to adjust, click on max occupancy and adjust the spaces:

Now that there is more available space within the booking, customers can either book through your online booking tools or you can add a customer to the booking internally by clicking on the Add customer button and entering their details.

Note: changing the occupancy of a service under the service menu won't affect the occupancy of any existing bookings for that service. A booking will honour the settings of the service at the time the booking was made.

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