We provide a few different options to take online bookings, to ensure that the booking process best fits your business needs. No matter what size of business you work in, Appointedd has a solution. 

Booking Page

When you sign up to Appointedd you are provided with your own Booking Page that your customers can directly take bookings from. Your Booking Page has it's own unique link which you can send to customers, put in emails, put on business cards, and promote on social media to encourage people to make a booking. Check out this support guide for more details on customizing your Booking Page.

Booking widgets for your website

Your booking widgets should be used to take bookings directly from your web presence e.g. your website, Facebook page, and mobile app. There are two options available; either embedded which pastes the widget onto the main body of the website, or popover mode (as shown below) which is a book now button which then directs the customer to the booking widget. 

Booking widgets can also be limited to certain services, categories and resources. Check out this support guide for more details on creating and customizing your own booking widgets.

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