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How to take bookings through Twitter
How to take bookings through Twitter

Learn to use Twitter to drive online bookings by displaying links to your bookings tools and optimizing posts.

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There are multiple actions you can do through Twitter to optimize the number of bookings people make through the social media platform. 

Adding your booking tools to your profile page

You can make your booking tools (whether that be a widget on your website, the Booking Page or a specific booking widget) noticeable on your profile by pasting the link in your bio. 

You can do so by:

  • Clicking edit profile 

  • Then pasting a link in the box that says Bio. It may also be worth adding a small description as to what the link is and why someone should click it, for example, "Make a booking with us by following the link" 

Setup a Twitter business account

By making your Twitter page a business account you can use Twitter adds allowing your booking tools to reach a larger audience. 

To create a Twitter business page click here.  

Create engaging posts

Post engaging content and images with a link to your booking tools to encourage viewers to click on the link. You can use shortened URLs so that the appearance of your post isn't damaged with a long link. 

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