Do your have a particular service or services that you would like to offer at a special price to your social media followers? You can do so by following these steps. 

  • Create a new service (standard service, multi-part service or multi-tiered service) and a new service category to ensure that this service doesn't show on any other booking widgets you have that are open to all. 

  • Ensure that the service permission is set to not visible online (this ensures that customers who don't follow you on social media can't book this special service through your microsite) 

  • Fill in the rest of the service details including the price that you wish to offer and save

  • You should now create a booking widget for this service/services in embed mode

  • Copy the widget URL and paste this onto your social media account to offer your follows a special price

You can track how many clients booked through this booking widget URL using booking widget reports.

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