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How Appointedd works with Daylight Savings
How Appointedd works with Daylight Savings

We've taken the stress out of the clocks going back and forward

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As we spring forward and fall back, Appointedd looks after your calendar for you, ensuring that there’s no confusion for you or your customers. 

To see what date your country changes, check out this page. As you and your customers make bookings up to and around that date, you don’t need to worry about calculating the time difference. For example if you wish to make a booking for 10am, you should select 10am, you don’t need to select 9am or 11 am to consider Daylight or winter Savings.

One thing to note, however, is how you or your customer’s external calendar manages clock changes recognizing the booking in GMT at the top. Some calendars do not manage Daylight Savings so will display the booking time in the incorrect timezone. See below the calendar:

Most calendars manage this correctly e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook. If any customers approach you with questions around this, you should advise them to go by the time in the confirmation and reminder emails they have received. 

Alternatively, you can choose not to include the calendar file in the customer’s confirmation email, from the email confirmations settings under the Email & SMS tab. 

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