In light of social distancing around COVID-19, businesses are turning to remote working and providing their services over web meeting services such as Zoom. As a result of this, Zoom has experienced some malicious internet users joining Meetings by guessing the link to join the Zoom Meeting. 

To counteract this, Zoom have recommended that Zoom users enable Waiting Rooms. The Waiting Rooms functionality means that any participant joining a Zoom Meeting sits in a virtual Waiting Room until the host admits them. 

Appointedd supports Zoom's Waiting Rooms functionality so, when enabled in Zoom, Meetings created through Appointedd have the Waiting Room enabled. 

Set up waiting rooms on Zoom Meetings scheduled through Appointedd

  1. First, connect your Zoom account with Appointedd. You'll find instructions here

  2. Enable Waiting Rooms in your Zoom Settings

It's as simple as that! Now, any Zoom Meetings scheduled through Appointedd will have the Waiting Room enabled so any participant attempting to join the Meeting will be placed in a virtual waiting room until they're admitted by the host. 

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