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How to use Capacity Flex to reopen your business safely
How to use Capacity Flex to reopen your business safely
Appointedd has developed a feature called Capacity Flex in light of businesses opening in a socially distanced society.
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Capacity Flex allows organisations to manage the maximum number of spaces that can be booked across the whole organisation. This takes into account all resources and services within your account.

Common use cases

  • A retail store offering in-store appointments, click and collect and personal shopping may wish to offer all their services at once, but they can only have a maximum capacity of 20 in-store at any one time.

  • An office would like to offer employees the choice of booking a morning slot, an afternoon slot, or a full day in the office. However, they can only have a maximum capacity of 100 employees in, regardless of their chosen time slot.

  • A gym would like to book out different areas of the premise, but they can only have a maximum of 50 people across the whole premise at any one time. The gym team need to take into account the spaces booked across their different activities.

How to set the maximum capacity of your business

  • Hover over the Setup tab and select Customize business settings

  • Enable Capacity Flex by flipping the toggle to on

  • You can then input the maximum number of people that can be in your business premise at any one time

Use Capacity Flex for walk-ins with QR code technology

QR is short for quick response as these codes can be scanned by a camera on a mobile device to direct the user to your chosen URL.

Try it here to book a call with our team by opening your mobile device camera and scanning this QR code:

You can use Capacity Flex to control walk-ins and queues. By placing your booking tools within a QR code, your customers can scan themselves in when entering your store to record their place. Once your store has reached capacity no bookable slots will show for that point in time on the QR scanner, allowing customers to book a later time if they wish.

If you would like to be bookable online and also manage walk-ins, you can do so as our Capacity Flex feature will take into account all bookings across all your services.

You can learn more about how to set up Appointedd with QR here.

If you have any questions on our Capacity Flex feature please don't hesitate to get in touch

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