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Take bookings through Appointedd using QR codes
Take bookings through Appointedd using QR codes
Place Appointedd's booking tools within a QR code that your customers can scan and make bookings from.
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What is a QR code?

QR is short for quick response as these codes can be scanned by a camera on a mobile device to direct the user to your chosen URL.

Try it here to book a call with our team by opening your mobile device camera and scanning this QR code:

How to set up Appointedd to work with QR code scanners

  • Once you've set up your resources and services, click on the booking tools tab and select Manage booking widgets

  • Click create new and use the settings on the left hand side to filter the services and resources you would like to display. You can read more about setting up a booking widget here.

  • Make sure you're on embed mode and click save widget and then get embed code.

  • From here click widget URL and copy

  • You can now paste this URL into any online QR code builder which can be placed digitally or printed out for customer so scan with their phones.

  • When a customer cans the QR code, the widget will open up in their browser for them to book.

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