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How to print out your bookings

Learn how to print out your bookings for the day, week, or month.

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We suggest accessing your bookings by logging into your Appointedd account on your laptop, mobile, or tablet.

⭐️ Key benefits:

  • This is especially important if you allow your customers to book more last minute, as the Appointedd calendar will update in real-time.

  • You can mark the arrival status of bookings to 'check-in' customers. This is a great way to track attendance rates.

  • Saves the planet!

Of course, there may be occasions where you need to print off your schedule, so follow our steps below on how to do this.

πŸ–¨οΈ Step by step guide to print out your bookings

Step 1

Make sure your on the Calendar tab and switch to the Agenda view:

Step 2

On the right hand side, click the Export button.


Step 3

You'll see a table popping up It will ask you for a date range, and it's important at this step to make sure your to date is a day after the range you need.

For example, if you require all your bookings for 3rd July 2024 you would need to enter the dates from 3rd July to 4th July.

Hit Export bookings to download to your device.

Once downloaded, the file should pop into your downloads folder as a csv file. Simply open up and print!

The csv file will include multiple columns that you might not need. To amend, simply delete the columns you don't need before printing. You can either amend it in it's current csv file format, or open it as an excel sheet and make further adjustments.

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