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The Appointedd and Microsoft Teams integration
The Appointedd and Microsoft Teams integration

Learn everything you need to know about our integration with Microsoft teams.

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🌍 Overview

Appointedd seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, so that when a booking is made with a service that has MS Teams enabled, a meeting is generated. The unique link to this meeting will then be included in the booking communications sent to the customer so that they can easily attend their appointment.

We currently support connecting Microsoft Teams for Business accounts and not personal accounts. You can sign up for this type of account here.

Users will need to connect their own MS Teams accounts and go through the authorisation flow if they wish to connect their resources to their MS Teams account.

βš™οΈ Setting up the integration

Step 1. Connecting your MS Teams account with Appointedd

  • Click on Connect and select Connect with Microsoft Teams;

  • Switch the toggle to ON to activate the integration;

  • Click on the button which says Assign resource to MS user;

  • Select a resource that you would like to connect with an MS user;

  • Click on connect to user in MS teams. If you are already logged into MS teams, the resource will automatically be assigned to the user that you are logged in with. If you aren't logged in, a Microsoft login box will appear;

  • Once you have logged in, you are now ready to move onto the next step.

If you are presented with a page that says "Need admin approval" this means that your Microsoft Teams account is configured to require an MS Teams admin to provide approval for the permissions that Appointedd requires. You or your IT team will need to grant those permissions either manually through Microsoft Azure AD or alternatively, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Either click the "Have an admin account? Sign in with that account" link, or start the assignment flow again using a Microsoft Teams login in your account with admin permissions.

  2. During the flow, check the "Consent on behalf of your organisation" and complete the assignment flow.

You can now un-assign the resource that you assigned to the admin user to, and all users in your Microsoft Teams account will be able to complete the assignment process without requiring an admin.

Technical Note: Our application requires access to the following Microsoft Graph API scopes:

  • offline_access

  • OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite

  • User.Read

You can learn more about how to configure end-user consent in Microsoft Azure AD at Microsoft's "Configure how end-users consent to applications" documentation.

Step 2. Enabling the MS Teams integration on your services

  • Click on Setup and select Manage Services

  • Click the pencil icon next to the service that you would like to turn the Microsoft Teams integration on

  • Open the Type of Service section and turn on Microsoft teams

  • Click Save

πŸ”Ž Accessing the meeting link once a booking has been made

For Customers

When a customer makes a booking with you, they will receive a confirmation email. Within this confirmation a unique link to join the MS Teams meeting will be included.

The booking link will also be included in any modification and reminder emails you have set up on your account.

If you have ics. files turned on, your customers will also receive the link to join the Teams meeting within the calendar event that is added to their personal calendar.

For Resources (bookable team members)

When a customer makes a booking with one of your resources who is assigned to an MS Teams user, they can find the link to join by:

  • Clicking on the booking within the Appointedd calendar and select the join meeting button.

  • If the resource has synced their external calendar to Appointedd, they will also find the link in the calendar event in their external calendar.

  • If you have resource confirmations turned on for the resource, they will also be able to join the meeting from a link in their confirmation email

❌ Disconnecting the integration

If you no longer require the MS Teams integration, you can deactivate it entirely by going back to the MS Teams integration page and selecting deactivate. Or if you wish to turn off MS Teams for a single resource you can unassign them.

If you wish to deactivate it but are concerned you will have to allocate all of your resources to their user again when you turn it back on, don't fear as the connection between a resource and the MS Teams user will be activated again:

If you deactivate the integration, or un-assign a resource to a MS Teams user, any bookings that have already generated a meeting link will still exist and you and the customer can join the call as normal. All future bookings however will not generate a meeting link.

🎞️ Auto-recording meetings booked via MS Teams integration

With the auto-recording feature, you have the power to automatically record all your Teams meetings on your MS Teams platform effortlessly. Simply switch ON the start recording automatically feature on the MS Teams integration page within the integration settings.

The meeting will then start recording automatically once a participant joins.

For any meetings where there are multiple participants added to the booking, you can also include up to 4 first customer names to the recording file title once it's saved on your device. To achieve this, switch the Include multiple customer names in the meeting title to ON.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use both Zoom and MS Teams at the same time?

It's not currently possible to have both MS Teams and Zoom integrated within your account. If you have any thoughts on this, please get in touch as we would love to hear your feedback.

If you head over to the MS Teams integration page and Zoom is already connected, you will be asked to deactivate Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars first:

Please note: If the integration is locked and Zoom is not connected, it may be that you are a standard or restricted user. Get in touch with an Appointedd admin in your company and ask them to turn it on.

2. Why do I see the same start and end times in the meeting details in MS Teams?

Microsoft Teams are currently experiencing a problem where they are showing the end time as the start time within the meeting details in their interface:

This won't affect our integration but may be confusing if you come across it. We are attempting to report this to them.

3. Can I connect more than one MS Teams account to Appointedd?

Yes, in Appointedd you can have multiple Microsoft Teams accounts linked, so your Appointedd resources that do not share the same Microsoft Teams account can link their own.

Please note: In order to connect an MS Teams user to an Appointedd resource, the resource is required to log in and make the connection themselves.

We would love to hear any feedback πŸ‘‚

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