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Your questions answered on Referredd
Your questions answered on Referredd

Take a look a look at the common questions we're asked about our referral scheme. We're sure you'll find the answer you need.

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FAQ's on our referral scheme💡

Can I only use my referral link once?

No and we encourage you to use it multiple times! Your personal referral link will never expire as long as you continue to be an Appointedd customer. Share your link with as many businesses as you can and you can keep getting free months.

I'm on an annual plan, I don't pay monthly

Totally fine! Whether you've joined our monthly or annual plan you'll still receive a free month. Next time your annual payment is due, you'll only be paying for 11 months and so on and so forth. Remember the more customers who subscribe via your link, the more months you'll receive for free!

I've referred a customer who wants to pay annually

No problem. They can subscribe annually and they won't be charged any fees until their second month of Appointedd. The system will tell them their subscription is £0.00 per year, but in fact they'll be charged 11 months worth in their second month.

I received a message saying I've got my next month free, but I didn't share my link?

The Appointedd team has access to all referral links. Sometimes, a customer might tell us that they used Appointedd on your site and loved it so wanted to learn more. We'll encourage them to signup and subscribe via your personal referral link so that you can both benefit from our Referredd scheme.

Where can I get my personal referral link?

You will receive your personal referral link via email when you first subscribe to Appointedd. However, you can generate it yourself by finding your unique business id and replacing it into one of the following referral links:

To locate your business id, head to Booking tools > Booking Page settings. The link at the top will look like Copy your business id only and replace it into the standard or partner referral link.

For partner links, the name could be weebly, beezer, eposnow, square or dreamee, depending on the partner plan you're on.

If you're still unsure, simply pop our team a message and we'll give it to you.

I'm still in my free trial but want to use my referral link

Feel free to create your referral link and share whilst you're still in your free trial, but please note the free months will only be applied to customers who have a fully paid subscription with Appointedd.

Have a question you can't find? Please ping us a message via the bottom right chat icon and we'll be happy to assist.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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